The eBook Version of the First Edition

Available  at the Apple iBookstore®.

Fully, native-mode version for the iPad®:

  • Use the table of contents to navigate to specific locations in the  book.
  • Glossary: Tap to view definitions, which also appear in the book’s glossary.
  • Chapters and sections: Easily navigate between sections.
  • Add your own notes
  • Searchable

eBook Features

The eBook contains the same content as the published book version.

Book Orientation

The eBook is meant to be viewed in Landscape mode. Portrait mode has been disabled.

Glossary of Terms

In the eBook, Definitions  appear as follows:

        This is not a definition, but it sure looks like one.

Definitions are also in bold and can be found in the Glossary. Bolded terms can be tapped on and the definition window will open.

From the definition window, you can go to the glossary or look the term up in the iPad Dictionary or, even, online via Google or Wikipedia. Glossary terms may not always be in this italicized definition format, but they will always be bolded and linked to the Glossary.

The iPad App allows the reader to search for specific words using the built-in Highlight and Note features. You can also create a Note from your highlighted selection and review your Highlights and Notes by tapping the Table of Contents button and then tapping Bookmarks. Highlights and Notes appear in their own section under Bookmarks.

Additional Information on eBooks and the iPad App

The following website has useful information on the use of the App as well as troubleshooting:

This link will prompt you to download the iPad user manual. Chapter 23 of the iPad user manual is the user guide for the App. This link also has some troubleshooting forums and discussions about the App.

The next web site is a good reference on how to use the iPad App and the iBookstore. Included in this guide is how to Search, Highlight and make Notes in your text.


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