WBS and NETWORK Drawing Tools

PC users can leverage Critical Tools Inc’s WBS and  Network drawing tools free for 30 days. Limitation 50 activities.  Learning curve is “almost zero”.

Download PERT Chart

Download WBS Chart

MS Project

(iPad/iPhone links updated…may work…no promises)

  1.   Good Jump Start Tutorial: MS Project Tutorial Our annotation of the above tutorial is described in the following video which you can in your browser.If you want to view the video in your iPhone / iPad    iPad or iPhone
  2. Bottom Up Estimation of a Project or a Package using “Experience Based Duration Estimation”. We also suggest how the three point method can be used to estimate one of the activities. Click here for viewing using your BrowserClick here for iPhone/iPad  
  3. Create a Milestone
  4. Resources (click for Resources..with embedded links to MS Project Video Tutorial).
  5. Cost Resources (click forCostResources PDF…with embedded link to a video)
  6. Critical Path Video (this video also shows you how to FILTER and QUERY….eg., filter and view milestones can be done in the same manner as filtering and viewing critical tasks).
  7. View the Timeline of the Project
  8. Shrink the Gantt View
  9. Filter Views
  10. Print Views
  11. Leveling of Resources. (We don’t require this….) Save your work before you do this.

 Youtube video. Referenced by students and professors.


  1. MS Project quick reference: MSprojectQuickReference
  2. Good PowerPoint to get you going (MSPROJECT 2010)
  3. MS Project/Visio WBS tool