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One of the most frequent questions we get is:

Can I Claim PDUs for my Project Management Classes?

Here is the official answer from PMI’s Global Accreditation Committee:

Students with PMI credentials who complete individual modules within an academic program related to project management are able to claim PDUs (Professional Development Units) to be used toward their Continuing Certification Requirements under “Category B: Continuing Education.” The PDU rule in this case is “One (1) hour of instruction related to project management equals one (1) PDU.

Therefore, if the student completed a “Fundamentals of Project Management” class, that met three hours a week for 12 weeks, the student would be able to claim 36 PDUs for that class.

It is important to know that when only a portion of a course relates to project management that the student must calculate PDUs by the percentage of the overall curriculum focused on the topic. Also, students should report each course separately. Entire degree programs will not be recognized for PDU credits, only individual courses/classes.

For more information on PDUs and how to claim them, please review the CCR Section of the PMI.Org website.