There are several places from which you can buy the book and the price will be different at each vendor.

It makes no difference to us where you order from, Bookstores, Amazon, or Lulu, but it is a lot cheaper for you if you order directly from Lulu.

Third Edition Ebook

From Lulu: $28.99 Click Here

Note the title of the ebook is slightly different from the print edition; it ends in “3e.”

The Art and Science of Project Management 3e

The Lulu page for the ebook looks as follows:

Third Edition (Print)

From Lulu: $52.50 (plus shipping). Click Here

That is a 30% discount over the retail bookstore list price.

Buying the Print Version from Lulu

Lulu is a “Print on Demand” (PoD) distributor, which means that when you order from Lulu, they print a brand new copy of the book for you. This usually takes about about 5 days.

The book is then shipped to you using the shipping method you select.

The Lulu page looks as follows:

Buying from Bookstores

At retail bookstores:  $75.00  (plus shipping). lists the book as “in stock.” However, this is not actually true. If you order from Amazon, they will order a copy from Lulu who will then print a brand new copy and arrange to have the book shipped directly to you.

Therefore, it is no quicker to order from Amazon.

As of May, 2019, Amazon was offering the book at a discounted price of $55.80.

Second Edition:

The second edition is no longer available as it is obsolete. The deficiencies of the second edition are

  • It is based on the previous edition of the PMBOK.
  • It does not contain the Agile Project Management chapters.
  • It does not contain the new duration estimation method.

You can buy previous editions and used copies at Amazon.

First Edition:

The first edition is totally obsolete.

The Canyon by Max Parrish

Although, we must admit to having a soft spot for the cover. Project Management as a descent into a canyon.